ELynah FAQ
What is the irc chat people keep referring to and how do I get to it?

Really Short Answer:

Short Answer:
Point your IRC client to irc.warped.net. We can be found on #lynah about 30-45 minutes before game time.

Longer Answer:
Don't have an IRC client? Chatzilla is a cross-platform IRC client that comes bundled with Mozilla. Other popular clients include mIRC (Windows) and Ircle (MacOS).

Once you get your client installed, try connecting to irc.warped.net. We can usually be found on #lynah 30 minutes before game time.

Really Long Answer:
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of instant messaging that predates AIM, Yahoo IM or MSN IM. Within an IRC server, topics are organized by channel. IRC servers are arranged into distinct families known as nets. The largest nets are EFnet, Undernet, IRCnet, DALnet, and NewNet. We choose to use a smaller net known as Warped.

When you connect to a net, you actually connected to the closest available server. Because channels are shared across servers, you can talk with your friends around the globe without needing to be connected to the same server. Thus, I can actually be connected to a server in Silicon Valley while transparently chatting to a friend who is connected to a server in Boston.

Each user is known on IRC by a "nick", such as JTW91 or Beeeej. To avoid conflicts with other users, it is best to use a nick that is not too common, e.g., "john" is a poor choice. Given that it is unique and easy to type, your NetID makes a good nick.

Although we don't bother with it, as we are a generally friendly bunch, in general, each irc channel may have one or more "operator" who controls the channel. Channel operators or just "ops" for short, control the channel by choosing who may join (by "banning" some users), who must leave (by "kicking" them out), and even who may speak (by making the channel "moderated")!