ELynah FAQ
I heard Cornell has the longest NCAA win streak in history. Is this true?

No. In 1968-69, the Big Red won 25 straight games before losing the National Championship game to Denver 4-3. In 1969-70, Cornell then went 29-0, winning the the national title with the only perfect season in NCAA history. The following year, Cornell extended the streak by 1 before losing to RPI on Dec 1 1970. Thus, the Cornell streak was ended at 30.

In 1984-85, RPI won 30 straight games before tying Lake Superior State in the 2nd game in a two game series in the NCAA tournament en route to a National Title.

Some debate arises regarding this topic questioning which games should be counted because RPI's streak includes a win over U of Toronto and then D3 Union College. However, the Cornell streak includes 4 wins over Canadian schools. Thus, depending how you slice it, RPI and Cornell are tied at 30 games or RPI takes the record 29 to 26 if you exclude Canadian schools.

Of course, this entire discussion becomes moot when you consider that Bemidji State holds the all-time NCAA record by going 43-0-0 during their D-II days with a streak that started on November 8, 1983 and ended on January 1, 1985.